Posted by: ahypio | November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving comeback

We headed south for turkey day to warm up and clean the smog out of our lungs.  Rhonda’s mom is not so great at cooking large meals so we decided to splurge on dinner at the Zion Lodge in the park.  It was pricey but excellent with a quinoa pilaf being the highlight. 

Friday we met Fox and the Rock’s in Hurricane for a rim loop.  Alex G started a bit later but caught up and rode with us for a bit to.  The comeback is in full swing for Fox as even a slow Sly shreds the DH like nobody’s business.  I’d catch up to him on the climbs but as soon as the trail pointed down he was gone.  An excellent 2.5 hrs that left me hungry for more but dusk was approaching so we had to settle for one loop.

Saturday we met Fox and Dave Harris in Green Valley.  The locals were running a sweet demolition derby in the valley floor.  Some dude was launching an old Mazda 626 off a table top and a Durango was smashing him when he landed.  Later while we were doing a Zen loop a couple old farts in a Benzo SUV were blasting x-mas ornaments off the sage bush alongside the trail.  DH had to shout them down while we hid behind a ridge of rock.  That place is crazy with rednecks.  I blew up the spring on my eggbeater right before the downhill and as sketchy as that trail is on one pedal the local fauna is far scarier.  I didn’t bring an extra set of pedals so that was it for my weekend.  Disappointing but it’s only November so no biggie.  I’m actually already excited for some Jan and Feb big rides in the desert.  Winter can’t end soon enough.



  1. Winter can’t begin soon enough for me.

  2. Demolition derby, quinoa rice pilaf, sweet singletrack: sounds awesome.

  3. Maybe I can make a trip south this year….bwahahahahah…that’s funny!

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