Posted by: ahypio | November 9, 2009

Cutthroat Cross

My keys to an awesome race experience can be summed up with the four “C’s” for success.  Close, Cheap, Challenging and sCwag.  Cutthroat Cross delivered.  Rico served up another delicious course.  He eliminated one of the two evil run-ups from last years course but the remaining one was steep, long and plenty evil.  All in all it was a fast flowy course with very little breaking necessary and absolutely no recovery.  In my opinion it was cross perfection.  I had a good start and clamped on to the back of the lead group of B’s.  Moved by a couple people on the run-up and was holding steady through the chicanes till I took a corner a bit too wide and got hung up in the tape.  The guys ahead got a bit of a gap and I was working hard to close it coming into the hard left turn off camber downhill.  I came into the turn way too hot.  My front tire was grabbing for all it’s worth but I had too much speed and too much leverage against it.  Down I went sliding under the tape, all the way down the hill and off the course.  I picked myself up and everything was still in one piece so I remounted and began chasing.  As I got back on the bike a guy passed me and yelled “dude that was epic”.  At least it was entertaining.  Needless to say in a B race I don’t have the watts to catch back on after a wreck like that but I got in an excellent work out and had a blast.  Rhonda hasn’t been feeling well but wanted to give it a go so she literally gutted out the race through some cramps and finished.  She won a nice Swix beanie for her troubles and I grabbed a bag of Carborocket  in the raffle.  Another excellent day on the bike.



  1. Damn, seeing you slide down the hill would have been the only good reason to go to the race.

  2. Oh man, I wish I could have seen that crash. Sounds like a great day.

  3. I’m glad you’re ok. You big guys go down hard.

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