Posted by: ahypio | March 3, 2009

Day 2

I forgot to mention this but after riding Saturday we hit Red Rooster restaurant based on a Team Buzzard recommend. It was excellent. I had the fish taco’s for $7 and Rhonda had Garlic Shrimp Fajitas for $10. Everything is homemade including their chips, salsa and tortilla’s. It’s a small place located in a shopping plaza next to the Albertsons on Sunset in Santa Clara. Highly recommended.
When we ran into Greg on Saturday he mentioned that even though Bearclaw was trashed, Stucki was still in excellent condition so we hit that on Sunday. We rode from Rhonda’s mom’s in Sun River to the Bearclaw trailhead. Rode up Bearclaw to the Stucki turn off and took Stucki over to the Stucki springs 4wd road. The BLM has done a bunch of new signing and fencing and for the first time the Stucki trail is marked all the way to the road. It would have been nice if they had done that a couple years ago when I always used to get lost back there but beggers can’t be choosers. We took the road up to the 4 wheeler trail that drops in and out of the small canyon and connects to Barrel Roll. Did a lap on Barrel Roll and turned around to retrace our steps back only instead of taking Bearclaw we turned off early to try to find the Bloomington Microloop. We followed the signs and landed in a wash that had a lot of tracks but ended at a barbwire fence near a road. Over the fence we went. I guessed that if anybody saw us we wouldnt get in too much trouble since the fence was meant to keep rednecks from getting in to the Desert Preserve while we were white necks trying to get out. The dirt road we got on after hopping the fence was straight out of The Hills Have Eyes but we were able to avoid any mutant attacks and ended the ride safely. 4.5 hrs and 40 miles later we cleaned up grabbed a Hungry Howies pizza and were going to straight line it back to SLC until a Dairy Queen craving hit us in Scipio and we caved for both a Pumpkin Pie and a Chocolate Cherry Sweetheart Blizzard.

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