Posted by: ahypio | January 13, 2009

Flooring Install

Tearing up Carpet

Scraping up tack strips and other junk



I’m not sure how I survived until now without a nail gun. What an amazing time saver!

I was on call this weekend and didn’t expect to get much done. Saturday morning I finished moving the fridge and got everything in the kitchen ready to install the last top cabinet when it arrives later this week. After lunch I decided to head up to Mt Dell for some skate skiing. I arrived a little after 2pm and just decided to skate until I got called in. Almost 3 hours and countless loops around the course later I hadn’t received any calls and it was getting dark so I packed it in. It was a long and exhausting skate but I made a few small breakthroughs in my technique and I’m finally feeling pretty competent on the skis. After dinner I decided to start my Bamboo Flooring project. We cleared out all the furniture in the dining room and ripped out the carpet and pad. The old hardwood flooring under the carped was a disaster which we decided to save for the next day. Sunday we tore up all the tack strips and began scraping away left over materials (thinset, chunks of vinyl and underlayment) from various previous floors to get a nice even surface for the new floor. There was plenty of scraping to do which took all morning. After that was laying the vapor barrier and finally installing the wood. I’m about a third of the way finished laying the wood and I must say it’s a lot easier than I thought. We’ll see if I’m saying the same thing once I’m finished.


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