Posted by: ahypio | November 24, 2008

Probable Last PC MTB ride of the season

Saturday we got out for what will probably be our last ride in the Park City area for the season. We parked at Jeremy ranch and hit the 24-7, Flying Dog, Glenwild, and the new DH trail loop. All the trails were in near perfect condition with the exception of the backside of Flying Dog which was a sloppy mess. The ground was pretty frozen and there was some rideable snow in sections but other sections had about 1″ of freshly thawed soup on top of frozen ground that was not the least bit fun. We walked the deeper mud sections to save the trail but we still got plenty muddy. The frontside of Flying Dog was buff and fast. It would have been smarter to just do an out and back on the frontside but my loop loving self never even thought of going that route until we finished. The new DH trail is short but fun. No drops but lots of fast bermed corners and whoops. A ton of people were out on the trails but it was mostly addicts such as myself so the traffic flow was exceptionally good. A nasty storm is supposed to move in for the weekend and I’m sure winter will be right on it’s heels but it sure was nice to hit alpine singletrack in late November.

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