Posted by: ahypio | November 17, 2008

I think Rico might be a sadist……

In that good pain makes you stronger way. With 5 minutes to start time yesterday I decided to take a bathroom break and missed a key piece of information regarding the line up. I rode over to the area where the C’s started and watched TC’s dogs wrestle for a bit until I heard a loud whoosh behind me as the the B field rode by. Crap, missed the start. Put in an all out max sprint to catch on to the back of the women’s field and got around them to get to the back of the men’s field by the first run up the grassy knoll. Passed a few people in time for the 2nd run up the knoll. Down the field, around the power pole, through the chicane and back to the start. One very fun lap down. I was riding well and working my way slowly through the field by lap 4 but after the 8th run up I started getting tired. Checked the lap counter on my way through the start area and it said 4 laps to go. Uh Oh, I was pretty tired already and only half done. Late in the 6th lap my back started to get tight and it was all I could do to not hemorrhage too many positions. By the last lap the run up’s were walk ups and all I could think of was my Mexi Coke waiting at the finish. Man that course was hard! I think it was the 16 runs up the grassy knoll that did me in or maybe it was the grassy backstretch where it felt like the harder you pushed the easier it was. It was a wicked fun course with a bit of everything including a sandtrap, tons of short burst ups and pedal downs and well timed 180 deg corners to keep you on your toes without losing too much speed. Well done Rico! As usual I cleaned up in the raffle winning a brand new Bell Sweep R helmet for Rhonda. Unless something changes it was a very way to end my race season and I’m excited to start thinking of next year.

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