Posted by: ahypio | August 18, 2008

Riding AF

Hooked up with some friends on Sunday for a tour of the AF canyon trails. I’ve ridden down there by myself a couple times in the last eight or so years and was never overly impressed so a guided tour was in order. We started at Timpanooke campground and climbed up to the Summit. Dropped down South Fork, climbed back up to the Ridge Trail, took Ridge Trail back to the Summit and then Horse Flats to Pine Hollow to the road and back up the road to the cars. The trails are fun but pale in comparision to Park City. It was very dusty to the point where I felt like I needed a snorkle at times. A lot of the climbs were loose and rocky from abuse by moto’s and horses and some of the singletrack sections were kinda sunk into the ground trenches which are a pain with 180mm cranks. It was still really fun for a change of pace and the views of Timp and the valleys below were spectacular and far superior to the scenery in Park City. If the trails were anywhere but in Utah they would be amazing but compared to Park City’s world class singletrack the trails I rode were just a fun change of pace. The bad news from the ride was that Rhonda re-aggrivated her hamstring injury from a couple weeks before. To make sure it heals properly before CX season she needs to take a couple weeks off with only easy spinning allowed. It’s probably for the best as she’s kinda burned out on riding in the dust and heat of summer anyway.


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