Posted by: ahypio | July 23, 2008

No rain for Solitude

Flooding and landslides in Taylorsville yesterday yet not a drop of rain made it’s way over to my house or up to Siltitude. The race was pretty much the same as always last night. My legs felt great but I was too lazy to clean and lube my bike after riding in the rain on Sunday so I had a few shifting issues causing me to screw up certain sections of the course. My time was good but not great and I beat the guys I usually battle with but the four guys who finished ahead of me are just too fast. They’re gone from the start. I moved up to 4th in the GC and the organizers are talking about maybe paying 4-5 deep in the bigger categories so all hope is not lost to make a little cash out of the deal.
Check out Bonti’s new 29er carbon wheelset due out in ’09. 1570 grams (almost 200g lighter than crossmax 29) , tubeless ready and a 3 year warranty makes this a bad ass wheelset. With the white spokes they’re made to match the G.F. Superfly’s paint scheme so I know what is going to be on top of every Superfly owners x-mas list this year.

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