Posted by: ahypio | July 21, 2008


Most of my friends were smart and skipped it. Bob doesn’t count, he’s an addict. 12 men on the start, 7 finished. Everybody except me sprints balls to the wall for the 100 yards to the singletrack including a couple of fellas in way over their heads. First dude in over his head tips over on the first singletrack corner and is blown, he’s fallen and can’t get up. I ask him if he needs medivac. He’s OK but too blown to move so I walk over him. Catch up to the 2nd guy a little later. He tips over on a little climb and doesn’t move. I don’t even ask, just bushwack it around him. Come around a corner, over the bridge and onto the steep part of Dick Ass highway. Hikers in the middle of the trail with a little kid. They go deer in the headlights, I get off my bike again and go around. The straw that broke this camels back was the retarded descent. It was even crappier than when I pre-rode it. My race is pretty well shot anyway so I’m chillin’ on the descent and am going to work the climbs for the exercise. Cruising around one of the corners and some asshat tries to come inside me going way too fast. He washes out right next to me and pushes me into the woods. Fug it, I’m done. Ride back to the feedzone, toss in my tag and roll. What a waste of time.


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