Posted by: ahypio | June 5, 2008

Stinkin’ Snowpack

The Solitude ICUP has been rescheduled for 4th of July weekend which is the only weekend this summer that I can’t possibly make it. You can ask Steve Hales how happy I was with that development. It’s not like I would have a chance of doing well at the race. The 2700 ft of climbing over the course of a 14 mile race puts a large individual (6’7″ 183lbs) such as myself at a huge disadvantage to my decidedly smaller competition. The thing is I love is the challenge of doing things I’m not good at and I was really looking forward to getting killed riding up and down that mountain three times. Maybe I should do it as an individual time trial the weekend before the race just for giggles.

We hid from the rain and watched Juno on DVD last night which I must highly recommend. I was worried that the high expectations I had for the movie would be let down after all the hype I’ve been hearing. Happily the movie is the real deal. It was a wonderfully original story that didn’t let you down by being predictable. The comedy was in just a large enough dose to keep the serious subject matter from becoming dreary. Go rent it….. Fer Shiz


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