Posted by: ahypio | June 4, 2008

There will be blood (deer valley style)

That’s the new name of the Deer Valley Pedalfest for anybody larger than a Hobbit. Or it could be called Rollin’ in the 22-34 if you can’t climb like me. The first half of the course is the same as always but it doesn’t ride the same. The climb is the same but the first little section of switchbacks down the ski run is currently a 4″ water filled trench through a small snowfield. Rideable but sketchy especially after getting blown up on the climb. The next couple miles down Pipeline are where the blood comes in. The trail is draped with tree branches and saplings pushed down into the trail path by the snow pack. You can ride through them but even riding conservatively and stopping every 100 yards or so to clear the worst of the branches out of the way I was covered in long bloody scratches by the end of the ride. Thank goodness it’s going to be cold on Saturday so I can wear long sleeves. In the middle of the dodge a branch section is a hike a bike section over a snowdrift that will not be melted by Saturday. Don’t even dream of wearing your carbon road shoes. The second half of the course is new and relatively branch free. It rides pretty well but the descent is kinda sketchy. The corners have huge berms that entice you into carrying a lot of speed but if you blow the corner and go over the edge you will probably earn yourself an expensive ambulance ride. Total distance per lap was just over seven miles with a lot of climbing and relatively slow descending (anybody know the total elevation gain per lap?). It will be pretty fun if the branches get cleaned up before the race and pretty annoying if they don’t. If you get a chance to preride between snow showers this week help a brother out. Bring some clippers and cut back a couple of branches along the way.


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