Posted by: ahypio | May 21, 2008

Windy pre-ride

My 2nd pre-ride in a windstorm this year. The only difference was the Cholla course sucked and the Stan Crane course rules! We got to the Equestrian center around 7PM hoping the rain would hold off for our ride and it did. The pre-ride was uneventful other than the deer over by the golf course that kept racing me up the trail. We suprisingly didn’t pick up any goatheads but I was wondering how the non-tubeless people are going to fare on all the high speed curb step-up’s on the road crossings. Seems like a high pinch flat probability. The only part of the course that truly sucked was the narrow singletrack on the embankment above the road near the end. Yesterday I hit the sandy section with some speed and it nearly threw me over the edge onto the sidewalk below. I’ll have to remember that section during the race. Just got the word that the experts will only do 2.5 laps. That might suck for them a little bit because they’ll probably end up having to lap the sports on that last 1/2 lap. There isn’t a whole lot of passing room on the back half so sorry in advance if I’m in your way. The code phrase to get me to move over is “I know kung-fu”. No code words, no passing, especially if you’re wearing the Yellow and Black! Team tactics baby 😉 Of course I’ll probably have to lap the sport women doing 1.5 laps instead of 2 so maybe I should be more polite.


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