Posted by: ahypio | May 19, 2008

The Milcreek Endurance 12

I completed my first endurance event of the year on Saturday. It began with a high quality, cook it yourself, event sponsored pancake, coffee and bacon breakfast at 8AM. The event began at 9AM sharp when I opened the garage door and pulled out the ladder to climb on my roof and get the swamp cooler rolling. Next was the all important snow tire removal. If you mess up this stage of the event your whole day can crash and burn (literally). After that was the tag team section where Rhonda and I washed every window and screen on our house. My favorite part of the event was next where I fired up the sprinklers and tracked down all the leaks. After a succesful sprinkler stage and a short stop at the kitchen table feed zone I moved on to the spectator friendly pool opening stage. The fans love placing bets on whether I’ll fall in or not while removing the outlet plugs. The last lap was the digging and planting stage. This years event had the always popular one tree, four bushes and a flat of annuals all ready for me. I finished planting the last bush right at the end of the bell lap for a successful finish to the 12 hour event shortly after 9PM. I celebrated my successful finish with a large glass of 7 and 7, chips and salsa and disc 6 of Battlestar Galactica season 3.


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